Natal Chart Consultation

As the planets in our solar system continually orbit the Sun, they form alignments from time to time with the planets in your natal chart.  These interactions reflect the cycles and seasons of your life.  In this consultation, we'll use the themes of your natal chart as a backdrop for understanding the unfolding of your life in present time (and over the next year or two ahead).  The approach is not predicitve, instead we'll focus on what you are asking of yourself at this point in your life, and consider questions that can lead to resonant answers and meaningful decisions.  This consultation also lends insight into current circumstances that can help you resolve residual issues of the past, and harmonize your choices in the here and now with a big picture view of your soul’s evolution.  

2 hours.   $270

Consultation package:  Natal Chart Consultation and Transits & Progressions Consulation purchased together and completed within 3 months.  $490



Transits & Progressions Consultation

Your natal chart reflects the unique pattern of the planets in the sky at the moment of your birth.  It is written using the astrological symbols for the planets and zodiac signs, but it expresses the deeply personal language of your soul.  It speaks to you as you.  A natal chart consultation is focused on core themes that will contribute most to your experience of a meaningful and purposeful life.  To that end, it offers insight into the past, perspective on how your experiences can be understood within the larger context of your soul's evolution, and practical suggestions for resolving issues that may stand in the way of your growth and happiness.   2 hours.   $270

To schedule an appointment, please contact Patricia at 323-829-8086 or

To schedule an appointment, please contact Patricia at 323-829-8086 or

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