About Astrology

For thousands of years, we have understood astrology through four words that are profound in their simplicity:  "As above, so below.

This relationship between you and the cosmos is vividly expressed through your natal chart, which documents the unique arrangement of the planets in our solar system at the time of your birth.

Your natal chart is written using the astrological symbols of planets and zodiac signs, but it expresses

the deeply personal language of your soul.  It speaks to you as you, poetically conveying the voice of your deepest inner self:  your desires, hopes, and aspirations.  It also serves as a practical tool for realizing them, and for identifying patterns or choices that may be occupying space in your life instead.

Your natal chart is a dynamic, living document.  When we approach it with questions, issues, or intentions in mind, it offers soulful answers, solutions, and guidance.