Consultation Logistics

I may be reached at 323-829-8086 or

Your birth day and year (please use the name of the month, not the number, e.g. June, rather than 6 )

The location of your birth (town, city, state, province, country)

The exact time of your birth, and the source of that information

(e.g. birth certificate, adoption record, hospital record, family record, family memory, etc.)

If you do not know your birth time, please contact me for information that may be helpful in obtaining it, if it is available.  In some cases, it may take several weeks or longer to receive your birth time.

Birth Information

In order to calculate your natal chart, the following information is needed in advance:

Consultation Preparation & Logistics

I will spend time reviewing your chart(s) in advance of our meeting.  If you would like me to consider specific questions or themes as I do so, feel free to send them along.  We can also address your questions during or toward the end of our conversation, if you prefer.

If you reside in the United States, I will call you for the appointment.  If you reside elsewhere in the world, I will generally call you, or we will make other arrangements depending upon your location.

Your consultation will be recorded as an mp3 file.  You will receive an email link from which you can download your recording to your computer or device.  Every effort is made to monitor the recording during the consultation, however, a successful recording cannot be guaranteed.  You will also receive a PDF copy of your natal chart by email after the appointment.