- Create clear language for how you want to live and feel, then use your natal chart as a map for getting there.

- Explore new remedies and solutions for unresolved issues or problems.

- Identify where to begin or to find help in an area of your life you would like to develop or strengthen.

- Discover alternate outlets for your energy where less satisfying choices persist.

- Find support for an experience or aspiration that you feel belongs to your soul, but that has not yet been realized or accomplished.






Your natal chart is written using the astrological symbols of planets and zodiac signs, but it expresses the deeply personal language of your soul.  It speaks to you as you.  When you approach your chart with specific questions, issues, or aspirations in mind, it offers equally specific answers, solutions, and guidance.  Your chart can help you to clarify your vision for your life, and to find ways to unlock energies that are currently bound up in patterns of the past, releasing them so they are available for realizing your vision going forward.  In this two-day, hands-on, personalized workshop, you will focus upon several topics of your choosing that you would like to explore in depth, so you can:

You will choose your topics in advance of the workshop.  Patricia will then prepare personalized worksheets highlighting the areas of your natal chart that are related to each of them.  You'll use her 200-page Integrative Astrology Workbook as a guide, and Patricia will answer your questions one-on-one as well.  Prior knowledge of astrology is not necessary, and you can build upon the skills you learn in this workshop for years to come.