Consultations lend fresh insight into your experience, offering evolutionary perspectives for:

• resolving the past

• making resonant decisions in present time

• creating a grounded and inspiring plan for future growth

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My newsletters offer positive insights into how current planetary alignments reflect our personal and global experiences.  They include practical suggestions for responding consciously to these ambient energies in our own lives.  



Patricia Bechdolt, ThD

Your natal chart reflects the unique pattern of the planets in the sky at the moment of your birth.  

It is written using universal symbols for the planets and zodiac signs, but it expresses the deeply personal language of your soul.  It speaks to you as you.  

It echoes your innermost self, showing the way toward your aspirations, and signaling contradictory patterns or choices that may be occupying space in your life instead.  

Astrology is a language and a holistic model that expresses the synchronistic relationship between the universe and humankind that has been taught by philosophers, wisdom teachers, and metaphysicians for millennia.  

It is understood through a phrase that is profound in its simplicity:  As above, so below.

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Your astrological chart is a dynamic, living document.  When we approach it with questions, issues, or intentions in mind, it offers soulful responses, solutions, and guidance.