Jupiter's New 12-Year Cycle: Life Vision Into Action, Part 1

Monday, December 5, 2022 3:41 PM

by Patricia Bechdolt, ThD

December 6, 2022

A fresh season of possibility, optimism, and opportunity is approaching as Jupiter will soon complete a 12-year passage through the zodiac and fully begin a new one on December 20, 2022.  In this threshold moment, as Jupiter concludes its trip through the last sign of Pisces, then re-enters the first sign of Aries, we can consciously set the tone for the next 12 years by making clear choices about what is best left behind, and what we wish to initiate.  (Jupiter preliminarily entered Aries from May 10 - October 28 of this year, and has been back in Pisces since then.)

“As above, so below,” Jupiter is by far the biggest planet in our solar system, symbolizing our vast potential to be more than we are at present.  To live in a state of expansiveness, like the universe itself.  For some of us, the new cycle may reflect our sense that we’ve fulfilled some aspects of our life, and there is little room to grow where we are, or as we are.  For others, we may feel the opposite; our lives are too small, or we’ve been playing too small for the person we are inside.  In any case, stretching, or bigger-ness may soon be called for.

Jupiter’s way is that of the traveler, the seeker of truth.  A new cycle beckons us to discover new possibilities, and to explore the territory of a life beyond the already-too-familiar.  It is the great adventure of becoming our fuller self, and the more we engage this aspect of Jupiter, the more we feel its emotional blessings:  hope of the future, enthusiasm, and joy.

For the next couple of weeks, Jupiter in Pisces is ideal for connecting with our soul’s vision for our life, the deepest inner sense of who we are now, and who we can now become.  Faith in our becoming can then naturally emerge, because soul vision transcends the limitations of our habitual ways of thinking, or our beliefs about our current circumstances.  Soul vision is sourced from a timeless space where our future self already belongs to us.  It never suggests the impossible because it is utterly resonant with our truest potential.  When we listen to what it is asking of us, we can move forward in confidence that there is a way, and the soul knows the way.  

In the beautiful, holistic progression of the zodiac, one sign leads to another, offering the energy that is needed next for our evolution.  Piscean inspiration leads to Aries action, and a spark that ignites passion and greater aliveness.

Archetypally, Aries is the sign of the Warrior, the Athlete, and the Pioneer, each well equipped to rise to meet challenges, and to summon the courage and confidence that may be required when creating a new way forward, or a new way of being. 

In the days ahead, I’ll be sending Part 2 of this newsletter, which will focus on practical ways we can work with these energies, and language that can help us remain mindful of this opportunity to grow our lives in experience, contribution, and happiness.

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