Jupiter's New 12-Year Cycle: Life Vision into Action, Part 2

Wednesday, December 14, 2022 3:55 PM

by Patricia Bechdolt, ThD

December 14, 2022


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We’re about to fully begin a new 12-year cycle of growth that will eventually span every aspect of our experience.  On December 20, 2022, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, will complete its passage through the zodiac’s last sign of Pisces and re-enter the first sign of Aries.  (Jupiter preliminarily entered Aries from May 10 - October 28, 2022, and has been back in Pisces since then.)  

With both signs in view, we’re in the sweet spot.  Jupiter in Pisces is ideal ambient energy for creating a bigger picture vision for our lives, while the action orientation of Aries is prime for initiating it.  We can make the most of this time by consciously concluding the old cycle in preparation for the new one, which sets an evolutionary tone for our entire next Jupiter chapter.  

We’ll look at this transitional moment in three ways: 

Wrapping it up*

Setting it up*

Starting it up

*We don’t need to have everything mapped out before Jupiter moves into Aries in the days ahead.  Aries is the sign of the now, so by starting where we are, we’ll be right on time.

Wrapping It Up - Jupiter in Pisces 

December 2022 (and ongoing as needed)

What is leaving from our lives, or what to consider leaving behind

Pisces symbolizes letting go  

The end of the cycle may signal a need to release:  material possessions, habits, thoughts and beliefs, or emotional or relational patterns.  Perhaps it is becoming time for what we have identified with to pass from our lives so that a newer sense of self can grow in its place.  For some of us, loss has been part of the recent past.  If some support in letting go is welcome, “allowing” is a powerful Piscean word and experience.  It merges us with the continuum of life, consciously granting it movement through us, easing resistance where we may wish to hold on to old ways, or giving grief the space to ebb and flow as it does.

The Spaciousness of Forgiveness (self and/or others) 

We expend valuable life force when we carry the weight of past unforgiveness into present time, along with its attendant emotional baggage:  regret, anger, resentment, disappointment, and so on.  It can occupy significant thought and feeling space and keep us looking backward rather than forward, turned away from the vision and inspiration for the future that are now on offer.  If we haven’t forgiven ourselves for what we have done or not done, it may also undermine our confidence, which is an important component of beginning anew (both Aries themes).  Allow yourself to feel what it would be like to be free of it.  Then consider how you, and your world, would benefit from giving yourself the grace of this lighter way of being, permanently.  (In some cases, healing/therapeutic processes may be  important and necessary precursors to forgiving and releasing.)

Setting It Up - Envisioning Jupiter in Aries 

December 2022 (and onward)

Grow your flow

Jupiter expands what we direct it toward and Pisces is expressed through the phrase “being in the flow,” or “being in the zone.”  

When we’re in it, we know it.  It is the creative force that is always around us, and when we consciously feel a part of it, we have that exquisite sense that we’re doing exactly the right thing, at the right time, in a way that feels right.  Mind, body, heart, and soul are all going in the same direction, lifeward.  Even if we’re putting in a lot of hours and a lot of energy, we’re filled rather than drained.  Time flies, or it slows and stretches exactly when we need it.   When we’re out of the flow, we may not know it because many of us are out of the flow much of the time.

Whether we think of it as part of ourselves or sourced in something beyond ourselves, the flow knows how to get where our soul wants to go.  By asking for direction, we can join with it, rather than hoping it will show up now and then and take us along.  Its replies come in many forms:  an idea, a message, a connection, or in feeling our energy elevate when we consider a change of plans or a shift in focus.  The smallest redirects can have a significant positive effect on how we feel, and like any habit, the more we’re in the flow, the more we’ll be in the flow.  Intuitive, creative, or spiritual, it’s all Pisces.

Clarify your vision

The Piscean practices of quiet reflection, meditation, and creative time are gateways to imagination.  Jupiter adds a sense of meaning and purpose, enthusiasm and joy, all of which can serve as a backdrop for asking soul questions:

- What would it look like for you to live at the next level of yourself in one or more ways?  And what would that ask of you?

- What changes have you been thinking about making, or could you make, that feel more like you at this point in your life?

- What inspires you now, elevating your spirit when you think about it?

- How do you want to live and feel?

- What wants to be created through you?

It’s a new cycle, so it’s important to be clear that our vision expresses who we actually are and who we want to become now, rather than being a reflex about who we wanted to become in the past, but didn’t.  

If we are consistently without a clear vision, consider whether it may be blurred by:

- Relational patterns of disproportionate selflessness or sacrifice—we don’t see ourselves if we’re not looking.

- Relational patterns of invisibility—if they don’t see us, we may not either.

- Personal habits of distraction, escapism, denial, or numbing in whatever form, which disperse our energy rather than gathering it into focus.  

These Piscean expressions can also have an erosive effect on Aries confidence and action.  Their specific remedies vary, but in general: 

- Enlightened selfishness balances selflessness.

- Transparency lifts the veil of invisibility.

- Connecting with our soul can help to recover us from patterns of dissipation.  

Starting It Up 

Jupiter in Aries, A New Cycle Begins in the Sign of the Self

December 20, 2022 - May 16, 2023

Aries energy thrives on fresh starts.  To maintain momentum, remember that if we’re really initiating something new, there’s a good chance we won’t entirely know what we’re doing.  Drawing from strong Aries archetypes (e.g. the Warrior, the Athlete, and the Pioneer) can be helpful in developing new attitudes, behaviors, and/or skills, and invaluable for seeing our plans through. (If you prefer a term other than Warrior, consider the archetype of the Champion, in this case, championing the cause of your soul’s life.)    

Do what Warriors and Athletes do.  

Show up, train up, practice, challenge yourself, and become stronger.  

Practice some more.  Become even stronger.  Do it again the next day.  

Then the new becomes the known, becomes the automatic.

Do what Pioneers do.  

Routinely follow your vision into the unknown, within yourself and in life.  

Stay long enough for it to become familiar, thereby expanding your range.  

Plan on things happening that you didn’t plan on, so they don’t become the things that stop you.  They’re just part of the way onward.

You probably know what calls you.  If you do, answer.  If you don’t, ask.


Do what all of these archetypes do.

Keep going.  Allow fear its place, rather than waiting to become fearless.  It may not come, and in the meantime, opportunity moments may pass, whereas having met them with bravery or courage would have allowed them in.  We can be assured that the strength of the fear we feel is exactly as strong as the courage we can gather to move beyond it, because there is balance in the universe, and so it is for us.  “As within, so without,” Jupiter governs the spirit behind such universal laws and principles. 

Fast, but not so fast!

Jupiter in Aries is rapid energy.  Windows of opportunity may open quickly and close the same way.  Or we may feel a sense of “it’s now or never” surrounding a decision.  While in some cases speed may be advantageous, huge Jupiter can also fuel the Aries potential for impulsiveness or precipitous action.  It’s the sign of the now, so we may inclined to do things NOW, ready or not.  Alternatively, we can position ourselves well by BEING in the now, the present moment, where we have fuller access to all of our inner resources:  rationality, observation, intuition, physical senses, and emotional intelligence.  We may still need to move swiftly, but we’ll have more information with which to make our choices.

Sometimes less is more. 

Jupiter’s massive size tends to magnify what we apply it toward, so it’s important to consider how we might use it unconsciously.  We can overdo things with Jupiter, being overly optimistic, over-focusing on the big picture while overlooking important details, or overestimating the potential of a situation, our own readiness, or both.  In Aries, we can also react or overreact, rather than respond.  Our inner Warrior may use anger to score small victories, rather than seeking the truth behind the anger that can rightly guide us to the real win of resolution.  When we’re dealing with the biggest planet in our solar system, there may be moments when we need to dial it down.

Sometimes more is more.

Quite often, our expression of Jupiter is the opposite of too much:  we underestimate ourselves by thinking small or playing small in some way.  Or we need to grow because we haven’t asked enough of ourselves.  Jupiter is truth, and in Aries, it can bring pointed truths that can be hard to face.  But when we do, we’re listening to the soul part of ourselves that already knows we’re bigger and more and we can start making decisions from there.  Jupiter in Aries accelerates, and matched with some personal boldness, we can catch up to where we want to be and then some, boosting ourselves into a right-sized experience.  Dial it up.

Pisces mirrors our timeless, limitless universe.  “As without, so within,” it also whispers a clue about our true natures.  Humanity is getting to know this powerful part of itself, the key to its own future.    

As Pisces gives way to Aries and we become our new soul vision, we offer a more evolved version of ourselves to the collective evolution of all human beings.  The Aries self gives back to the Piscean oneness.  These two signs come together elegantly in the knowing that what our soul wants for us and what our world needs from us are one and the same.  Win/win.  So if we look at the world as it seems and wonder what we can do, that’s what we can do.

Jupiter’s vastness magnifies what it touches.  With Aries courage and conscious boldness, we can do quite extraordinary things.  

Wishing you an extraordinary time,


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