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"I was deeply impressed and inspired by your interpretation based on your profound astrological knowledge.  I'd never interacted with another individual on that level.  I see things in a more organic and evolutionary way, and it is benefitting me both in the short and long term...really inspiring and the language you use is ingenious."

"Thank you so very much for providing such a comprehensive and supportive Astro road map for the upcoming chapter.  It's always such an enlightening pleasure to listen to your insights and suggestions.  

I don't know how the images of 'a breath of fresh air' and 'deep and profound subject matters' can ever go together, but in your readings they always do.  It has been incredibly helpful."

"The reading was incredibly spot on, and your guidance provides such a framework for me."

"I really resonate with how you approach your topic.  I know that what I receive in a reading from you is a mirroring that helps to give language to my inner stirrings and knowings, which is extremely valuable!"

"The confidence in which I now stand as myself is indescribable.  I am deeply grateful."

"I am very grateful to feel seen and understood by you.  This session was particularly helpful to me as I am stepping over this new threshold."

"I woke up feeling like I am truly on the right path.  I am falling in love with me!"

"Everyone has been so thrilled with their readings, thank you so much.  There will be more to come!"  (Gift certificate purchaser)

"I liked the experience so much that I want to purchase a session for my friend...I also need to listen to the recording, because there was so much and I don't want to miss a thing.  Thank you for the excellent push into the great unknown."

"You have a gift for sharing your knowledge in such a present and engaged way."

"I appreciate your kind, wise, and professional delivery.  Everything you said was spot on."

"As usual, you were a salve to my soul yesterday.  Thank you for all your wisdom.  It's always a blessing to share space with you."

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